Cultivating Success Together: An Invitation to Collaborate on the Future of Your Business

Dear Business Partners,

At Lokacom, we are dedicated to delivering top-notch services and solutions, ensuring the seamless operation of your business and IT information systems. We are excited to introduce our range of professional services focused on consultancy, sales and maintaining computer equipment and procuring IT, Auto-ID, and POS equipment.

Our Key Advantages

1. Procurement of IT, Auto-ID, POS Equipment

When planning the procurement of software or hardware, we are your reliable partner. 

We offer comprehensive advice, including an analysis of your needs, selecting optimal solutions, and efficiently implementing new technologies into your operations. 

2. Added Value and Consultation
Our strength lies not only in technical expertise but also in offering comprehensive consultancy. 

We aim to provide solutions that not only address current challenges but also prepare you for the future.

3. Project Management in the IT Sphere
In our work, we stand out for excellent project management in the IT sector. Committed to meticulous planning and execution, we ensure the successful integration of new technologies, be it software or hardware, into your business environment.

4. Computer Equipment Maintenance Services
Our team of experts is committed to regular maintenance of computer equipment, reducing downtime, and optimizing the performance of your systems.

The swift response and expertise of our service personnel are crucial for maintaining your business efficiency.

5. Expanding Your Market
As a trading agency, we not only address your needs but also assist in expanding the market for your brands and products. Our carefully planned strategies help you reach new target audiences and enhance the visibility of your products.

6. Flexibility and Innovation

We understand that business needs evolve, so we remain flexible and innovative in finding solutions. Our goal is to provide services that support your growth and competitiveness in the market.

We would be delighted to provide more detailed information about our offerings and address your specific needs. For further information, please contact us at or call us at
+386 590 75 770.

Trust us with your challenges, and we will help you build a sustainable and efficient business future.

Best regards