RFD40 instead of RFD8500

The RFD8500, for the last eight years, has served many customers who wanted to take the leap in adding RFID into their workflow as a way to provide greater insight into their inventory and optimize their supply chain. As we continuously strive to optimize our supply chain to reduce complexity, increase efficiency, and further improve our customers responsiveness, we are announcing the End of Sale of the RFD8500 UHF RFID Sleds. With this also comes the transition to the RFD40 RFID Handheld Product Family. This EOS notice has been issued in order to rationalize and simplify the RFID handheld reader portfolio with the recent release of the RFD40 UHF RFID Sleds.

The RFD40 UHF RFID Sleds offer several options to replace and provide a seamless transition from the RFD8500, including RFD40 Standard, RFD40 Premium, and RFD40 Premium Plus. RFD8500 qualities such as read rate, IP sealing, drop specification, and battery life, are all improved upon in the new RFD40 series. In addition to improving upon the features and capabilities of the RFD8500, the RFD40 also supports the latest Zebra mobile computers. 

Please see below for a full comparison between the RFD40 and RFD8500.

Zebra MC9400 / MC9450

The MC9400/MC9450 is the next evolutionary stage of robust mobile vcomputers, both developed for demanding areas, a powerful asset for the whole warehouse team.

Here are some amazing features:

  • Keyboard mobile computer with Android operating system (upgrades up to Android 17)
  • 4.3″ WVGA colour display, 7,000 mAh hot-swappable battery
  • 2.4 GHz Qualcomm 4490 octa-core processor, 6 GB RAM, 128 GB flash
  • IP65/IP68, drop-proof up to 3.65 m (MIL‑STD‑810H), Corning Gorilla Glass


  • SE58 Extended Range Scan Engine -scanning range of 30.5 m (IntelliFocus)
  • Bluetooth 5.3, high-speed USB 2.0, NFC and Wi-Fi 6E; MC9450: 5G and GPS

The MC9450 is the first Zebra keyboard mobile computer to support private and public 5G wireless connectivity. In addition, both models offer two SIM card options (nano-SIM and eSIM), Bluetooth 5.3 and Wi-Fi 6E.

The integrated scanner with SE58 Extended Range Scan Engine and IntelliFocus captures all common 1D/2D barcodes from a distance of up to 30.5 metres. The innovative green laser is up to 7 times more visible than the conventional red aiming point.

If your customers were delighted with the MC9300, then the MC9400/MC9450 will make them jump for joy! Thanks to the new Qualcomm platform, they offer 2.5 times more computing power, 50 % more RAM, 4 times more flash memory and 8 times more micro-SD memory.

Zebra ZT600 series – a tough industrial label printer

This powerful successor of the Xi4 series comes in different models ZT610, ZT610R, ZT620, and ZT620R. The Zebra ZT600 series are industrial printers for the toughest conditions.

These are powerful and durable with rugged metal housing and come with an optional touch color touchscreen, with a top speed of 356 mm per second.


If this printer is too much for your needs, there are still other options, Zebra ZT400 series – Midrange printer for blazing fast label printing, Zebra ZD421 – Future-proof and customizable desktop printer, Zebra ZD621 – Desktop printer for premium labels, Zebra ZT231 – Robust tabletop label printer.

So which one suits you best? Select from our comprehensive list of industrial printers offered here.

Zebra card printers ZC100 or ZC300

Very small-sized Zebra ZC100 and ZC300 full-color card printers are among the most compact in the market – and connect via plug-and-play. In retail, hospitality or education simply print straight away. Printers ZC100 and ZC300 print at high speed with a small footprint, and produce up to 700 single-sided cards per hour at 300 dpi with a manual card feeder that holds up to 100 cards and have an automatic thickness sensor. They are both connected with USB 2.0, optional Wi-Fi, and Ethernet.

  • A full-colour card printer of your choice: ZC100 or ZC300
  • Zebra Card Studio 2.0 Standard Edition software with built-in internal database, sample projects and card designs
  • Starter kit with genuine Zebra accessories (one ribbon, 200 PVC cards)
  • Three-year warranty

Benefit from our exclusive Zebra printer exchange promotion (EMEA partners only):

If you exchange an old card printer for a model of the ZC series, you may receive a whopping discount*!

Everything you need to start printing cards right away is included in the Zebra QuikCard ID Solution kit!

*The discount cannot be combined with other special promotions, discounts or project prices. The Trade-Up Program only applies to thermal transfer and direct thermal printers in the same category. For example, an old mobile printer can only be exchanged for a new Zebra mobile printer, but not for a desktop or industrial printer.

Zebra mobile computers TC22/TC27 and tablets ET60/ET65 to inspire – ready to pre-order

When thinking of ruggedness, extensive features and great performance at a really good price, the new TC22/TC27 mobile computers and ET60/ET65 tablets from Zebra take you on a completely new journey.

TC22/TC27 Android mobile computers

Android mobile computer with large, bright 6″ FHD+ display Slim, ergonomic design,
only 1.25 cm thick

Updates up to Android 16 802.11ax/Wi-Fi 6E; TC27: 5G, 4G LTE

Fast Qualcomm QLCM 5430 2.1 GHz processor, up to 8 GB RAM, 128 GB flash memory IP65-/IP68- certified, drop-proof to MIL STD 810H from 1.3 metres on concrete

Replaceable 3,800 mAh PowerPrecision battery with quick charge function, optional 5,200 mAh PowerPrecision battery with BLE available Two barcode capture scan modules available: SE4710 or SE55 Advanced Range scan module with IntelliFocus that captures barcodes in the palm of your hand and at the top of the shelf

Support Apple VAS, Google Smart Tap and »Tap to Pay«

TC22/TC27 are virtually all-round mobile computers with the design and the price of a smartphone and the extensive features of a rugged enterprise device.

ET60/ET65 Tablets

Android tablet with support
up to Android 16 Qualcomm 6490 octa-core 2.7 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB flash

10.1″ WUXGA display with 1,000 nits Wi-Fi 6E & NFC; ET65: 5G, GPS

IP66-certified, MIL-STD-810H Hot-swappable 8,920 mAh battery, optional 17,840 mAh battery

16 MP camera; optional SE55 2D scanner (from close up to 14 metres) 4 years life cycle +
4 more years support

For warehousing, industrial manufacturing, public safety and field service.

The ET60/ET65 tablets can be integrated into a vehicle dock on forklifts and other loading equipment and can be used in cold storage and outdoor environments with extreme sub-zero temperatures and can be easily turned into a laptop with the optional friction-locked keyboard.

Ready to pre-order. Send us an inquiry.

Datalogic PowerScan PBT9600 for industrial productivity

The new Datalogic PowerScan PBT9600 is an omnidirectional handheld scanner with a wireless charging function that pairs with any Bluetooth-enabled device and offers a long reading range of over 2 meters. It is a device to perform a wide range of tasks in the industry, capturing damaged and distorted barcodes also.

Bluetooth handheld
scanner with a reading
range of over 2 m

Captures 1D/2D
barcodes, QR codes, DotCode and Digimarc

3,350 mAh battery, inductive charging technology, compatible with Bluetooth charging station

IP65/IP67 certified,
drop-proof from
up to 2.5 m height

3GL and Motionix
technology for motion detection

Trigger is designed for more than 10 million actuations

Epson TM-m30III – Evolution in progress

The new mPOS receipt printer TM-m30III from EPSON excites the design and new features. You can get it in black or white, with Ethernet or Wi-Fi and BT. It is not just beautiful, it amazes also with its speed, 300mm/sec at a footprint of 127 x 127 x 130mm, has enhanced paper near-end detection in the horizontal and vertical directions, and a special surface for bacterial growth reduction.

The new TM-m30III differs from its predecessor by USB-C for fast connection also to tablets. Scanners, keyboards, and scales are to be connected directly in order to make the data available to the connected tablet. iOS, Android, and Windows are now also supported.

Honeywell Granit XP 1991iSR/XR/XLR – on a code red mission

We know you have heard about the scanner that overcomes even the toughest scanning challenges in the warehouse and industry. The Honeywell Granit XP 1991iSR/XR/XLR cordless scanners’ capabilities are guaranteed to impress:

– They withstand drops from a height of up to 3 metres and 7,000 impacts from a height of 1 metre in the slingshot test. They are MIL-STD-810G and IP65/IP67 certified and have a particularly robust scanner window made of hardened glass that is deeply recessed – so it is less vulnerable.

– The XR models of the Granit XP 1991 scanners are equipped with FlexRange scanning technology. This allows them to detect barcodes from a distance of 10 metres as well as from 1.5 metres. The new Granit 1991iXLR extended range imagers also detect barcodes at a distance of 24 m in bright sunlight with their innovative daylight targeting system!

– They capture barcodes in almost any condition with absolute reliability at room temperature (20 °C), in cold rooms (down to -30 °C) and in extreme heat (up to +50 °C).

– Honeywell has equipped the Granit XP 1991iSR/XR/XLR scanners with a 2,450 mAh battery. This allows them to scan up to 50,000 barcodes on one battery charge. LED indicators let your customers’ staff know the charging status and charge level. 

Here you can have it.

Next ELO Android POS system generation

Elo unveils the powerful and elegant EloPOS for Android Z10/Z20/Z30 systems. The EloPOS Z10 comes in a minimalistic design,  Z20 10 or 15-inch screen allows flipping from full service to self-service. The sleek EloPOS Z30 comes with an optional integrated interactive CFD.The new EloPOS is Ideal for POS, self-service, and signage comes with 10″, 15″ and 22″ touchscreens, including the razor-thin I-Series 4 Slate and Qualcomm or Rockchip processor options, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The I Series all-in-one Android systems are secure, flexible, and powerful. The modularly designed I Series is easy to configure to fit nearly any use and is easily converted into a powerful, commercial-grade POS system that scales with any business. With the cloud-based EloView platform, you control devices and content remotely.

Zebra label printers make sales complete

Zebra has introduced several new printers for daily work, a ZD421, ZT200 series, and ZQ630 printers.

The ZD421 is a 4″ desktop label printer that is versatile and reliable, Compatible with any Windows, Android, or iOS device, Wi-Fi, and is available with an optional battery for mobile printing on the go, available in ribbon cartridge and HC versions, with three operating buttons and movable media sensor.

The ZT200 is a robust printer with metal housing for printing labels with serial numbers, packaging, and shipping, and is designed for creating product labels in warehouses, logistics, and production. Mobile workers can not miss a new mobile receipt and label printer for retail, the ZQ630/ZQ630 Plus version, with Colour display, PowerPrecision+ Li-ion battery with 6,800 mAh, Compatible with accessory devices of all QLn mobile printers. A must-have.