Prolos Field Service Automation software client

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Schedule your jobs, manage, and dispatch them to your field workers. Prolos helps you automate the maintenance, service, and repair process and reduce overhead costs and is an effective way to help you grow your service business.

With the Prolos Field Service module, you can easily create jobs through the scheduler and dispatch them to your fieldworker’s mobile device.

Advanced features include SLA, taking notes, job priorities, selection of necessary operations, and payable orders, and also help you create recurring jobs, without multiple inputs.

A calendar and scheduler help you maximize workers’ time, to better manage and organize the jobs. Your people will spend less time on administration and phone calls, your fieldworkers will have improved real-time communication from start to finish.

Prolos makes sure nothing is missed. With an easy-to-use interface, you will have centralized customer information, information about inventory and spare parts or replacements, storage inventory, and order creation support with digital signatures and a receipt print option.

Prolos also helps you improve the turn-around time of repair, full-service visibility, and detailed work reports.

SaaS – price per month, billed monthly

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